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About Tokyo

Japan’s capital and one of the largest cities in the world, Tokyo is at once a global center of business, technology, fashion, entertainment, and pop culture. At the same time, it is known for its distillation of traits unique to Japanese culture, making it a fascinating travel destination combining modern technology with ancient traditions, top-level service and safety with the allure of the unknown. Below we categorically break down useful information about the city, so whether you’re planning your next trip to Tokyo or just dreaming of it you’re sure to find out a little bit more about Japan!



Tokyo is full of many neighborhoods which tend to offer quite different opportunities for travelers of varied tastes. Although this is only a small fraction of what the city has to offer, the below are some essentials!

Shibuya: Symbolized by its famous pedestrian cross, Shibuya presents an overwhelming variety of shopping and entertainment options.

Shinjuku: With everything from vibrant neon, narrow streets, huge skyscrapers, and peaceful gardens, Shinjuku has a little of everything.

Harajuku: Harajuku, known for its youth fashion, is bordered by the stylish and elegant Omotesando, and also contains the grand Meiji Shrine.

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With so many neighborhoods and wards to choose from, picking where to stay in Tokyo can be a dizzying choice. There is sure to be a place for you that offers a balance of interesting surroundings, convenient transportation options, and great value! Inquire for details or for recommendations on places to stay.  All the wards in Tokyo have its own share of interesting sights to see, delicious restaurants, and things to do, especially when you realize how spread apart it all is, and although it can be a little overwhelming picking the right place for your accommodation, we can help!
Also, if you're curious, check out our Henn na Hotel locations found all over Tokyo, and across Japan!



No matter what your interest, you can probably find something that fascinates you in Tokyo. Art of all varieties, history, nightlife, or just seeing the unique and amazing sites- if you’re seeking it, you’ll probably find it, and we have some recommendations and exclusive discounts below!

Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience
Tokyo Samurai Museum
Ameyoko Market
Tokyo Kimono Experience
Owl Cafe in Tokyo



With more Michelin Stars than anywhere else in the world, travelers of all tastes and budgets can enjoy explosive flavors wonderful meals in this city, whether Japanese or international, spending the equivalent of hundreds of dollars or just a few. See our introduction of some essential Japanese foods below!




With labyrinthine stations and so many different transportation options to choose from, getting around Tokyo can seem very intimidating at first, but once you get a grasp of the systems it’s in fact incredibly convenient, punctual and reliable. In the below article we break down the options and can help you decide which one is right for you!

*Update: Currently some of the activities may not be available due to world events. Please check back accordingly for updates.


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