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Tokyo, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 2:18AM

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Make Your Own Ramen

We love ramen! So, we have renewed our ramen menu to be even more delicious. Our new ramen experience menu is beef-based broth topped with roasted beef. The broth is made from beef and pork bones, as well as chicken. It’s rich and delicious!

Ramen Jingu

If you’re just going as a regular customer, you can choose from the vending machine what kind of ramen you want. Some of them have photos to help you choose.

We did a ramen experience where we made our own ramen though, so we didn’t choose it from the menu!

In the demonstration, first, we saw the different ingredients used and the chef explained about each of them to us. Then, we boiled our own noodles, added broth and our own toppings.

The names of the ingredients are clearly labeled in English, so if you have allergies or any kind of food restrictions, you can choose not to add something to your ramen!

The soup is made of beef and pork bones and chicken. It is simmered for about 14 hours for maximum flavor.

After we saw how the broth was made, the chef told us how to prepare our own ramen. 

He showed us how to separate the noodles so they don’t stick together, and how to boil them. While we were waiting for our noodles to boil, we added our soup to the bowl.

Next, we added the toppings.

He also showed us how to broil our pork slices on top of the ramen, too.

Draining the noodle was the most interesting but also the most difficult step.

After we finished with the noodles and broth, we added our toppings.

Before putting other toppings on, you will get to grill your own chashu pork. If you haven’t used a burner to grill your pork by hand, it’s a really cool experience!

Ramen Jingu is only about a five minute walk from Harajuku Station and really close to the Harajuku Tourist Information Center! It also has excellent reviews on Tabelog, a famous food review website in Japan!

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