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About Yamanashi

Yamanashi Prefecture is located in the Chubu region of Japan. The capital of Yamanashi is Kofu. Yamanashi is characterized like Hakone, by the close proximity to Japan's most famous mountain, Mount Fuji. Yamanashi has some scenic views in its surroundings, and the environment allows for the production of delicious fruits such as grapes, plums, and peaches. The wines made from the grown grapes are considered one of their most famous exports. 
Yamanashi is also known for their crafts and for their precious stone cutting. 

Where To Go

---Fuji-Q Highland---
A place to check out in Yamanashi that isn't perhapys classically Japanese, is the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. A classic amusement park complete with roller coasters and other rides, this is a fun destination for families. 

---Zenkoji Temple---
Zenkoji Temple is one of the best-known temples in the Yamanashi area. Located in the capital city of Kofu, this temple is a well-maintained, relaitively large, and historically interesting. This temple was built to replace the one in Nagano City when the chief abbot feared that the original temple would be burned to the ground. This temple is worth going if you enjoy temple-seeing.

What To Eat

Noodles are a big part of Yamanashi cuisine. Houtou is a noodle dish using flat udon noodles stewed into a soup. Vegetables are added into it to make a hearty meal. However, because the noodles are prepared in the style of a dumpling, locals do not consider this "udon." There is also a type of houtou that contains Japanese pumpkin, kabocha.

---Yoshida no Udon---
Yoshida udon is another noodle dish that comes from Fujiyoshida. Udon noodles are topped with vegetables and tofu skin, and sometimes meat. Depending on where you get it, the condiments and spices can differ and alter the flavor. Some places have this udon dish with horse meat.

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