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About Fukui

Fukui Prefecture is part of the Chubu region in Japan. The capital city of Fukui is Fukui. There are many beautiful, scenic spots in Fukui. Fukui faces the Sea of Japan and also has mountainous areas as well. About 15% of the total land area is designated as Natural Parks, so you can be sure that there are some amazing natural landscapes to view.

Where To Go

---The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum---
Fukui has been a center for many dinosaur fossil discoveries. The museum allows visitors to feel that much closer to dinosaurs and discover more about them. Educational, interesting, and a great palce for the family, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is worth checking out while in the area.

---Eiheiji Temple---
Eiheiji Temple is a Soto Zen training monastery and has been awarded two stars in Michelin Green Guide Japon. This is a spot to experience the history and culture of Fukui.

What To Eat

Goma-dofu resembles tofu but is actually boiled, crushed sesame seeds that have been kneaded. Produced in the Eiheji area, the flavor of sesame paired with some miso paste make this a light and delicious dish.

Crabs are caughts in the Sea of Japan by the coast where Fukui is located. Therefore, there are many fresh crab dishes that can be found in Fukui. It can be eaten as sashimi, in a hot pot, or boiled with some soy sauce and vinegar.

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