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Symbolized by its famous pedestrian crossing, said to be the busiest in the world; the area surrounding Shibuya Station is a vibrant center of youth fashion and culture, with an overwhelming variety of interesting shopping and entertainment options.

【Shibuya Station】

【Streets in Shibuya】

Streets in Shibuya are considered as the birthplace to many of Japan's fashion and entertainment trends. With over a dozen major department store branches and fashion stores, as well as the symbolic and well known Hachiko Statue in near distance, it’s a definite must for a visitor to Tokyo interested in the city’s sleek contemporary side.


【Hachiko】Landmark Statue of A Beloved Dog

The statue of the dog Hachiko in Shibuya is a famous landmark as well as a popular meeting spot. The story of this dog who waited for its master at the station patiently every day, even years after his master had passed away, continues to touch the hearts of many.



Bunkamura, meaning "culture village," is a stylish landmark of Shibuya that combines a contantly updated museum, shops, restaurants, concert hall, theater, and two movie theaters all in one place.


Amidst Shibuya's bustle, a little street popularly known as Supein-zaka, or "Spanish Hall" is a stylish road lined with boutiques, cafes and restaurants, so named for its resemblence to a classic Spanish street.


 A notable nightclub located in Shibuya that is featured in the film Babel, well-known as a hot spot for top artists and music fans all over the world and as a club representative of Tokyo. The club celebrated its 10th anniversary in April 2010.

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If you have enough time, there are a lot interesting things you can do more than sightseeing and shopping.

If you’ve ever fantasized about doing Mario Go-Karts in real life, then this is the perfect activity for you! Dress up as your favorite character, drive out into the actual streets of Tokyo and become the center of attention!

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Or you can experience  "Shodo" --the traditional art of writing Japanese KANJI characters using a writing brush (Fude), ink (Sumi) and calligraphy paper (Hanshi).

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Have you ever seen pictures of samurai with their suits of armour, and wondered what it’s like to wear? You can also walk the street of Shibuya like a Samurai.

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