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A Busy Tokyo Hub

Ikebukuro is one of downtown Tokyo's central areas, and is home to the second busiest train station in Japan (after Shinjuku) with over a million passengers daily. A mix of ideas and tastes, the west side of the station is home to universities, museums, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, while the east side of the station draws a younger crowd for shopping, eating, and drinking- Ikebukuro often is the setting in lots of TV dramas and movies, making it a favorite of many. 

Ikebukuro Sunshine City is one of the most notable attractions on the east side of the station. The complex includes a planetarium, aquarium, museum, and a theater. On the 60th floor of Sunshine 60, the tallest building in the complex, is an observatory. From the observatory on a clear day, Mt. Fuji and even the Izu Peninsula are visible. At sunset the view of Tokyo is astounding.

Recently, Ikebukuro has also become well-known for its multiple electronics stores, as well as an oktaku scene catering towards women, with more butler cafes than can be found in Akihabara, as well as many anime and manga, cosplay, and collectibles shops that focus more on the interests of female shoppers. Ikebukuro is a good place to look for manga and anime made for and aimed at women. 

Ikebukuro is lively and exciting, and a must-visit in Tokyo, even if just for a wander around the bustling city streets. 

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