Robot Restaurant

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Tokyo, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 10:11PM

15.9 / 60.6

Sensory Overload

The Robot Restaurant has become one of the things to do in Tokyo. It’s loud, bright, and completely assaulting to the senses. There’s dancing, fighting, cute girls and robots- everything that one would expect of a wacky show in Japan.

Rather than a restaurant in the traditional sense, the Robot Restaurant is more like a theater or show where you can order food additionally.

The show itself is in four 15 minute segments with a few minutes of break in between each.

The Robot Restaurant is located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. Kabukicho is Tokyo’s main entertainment and red light district, and has countless restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

For 30 mins before show starts, you can wait in the waiting room.

Waiting room

Look at the stairs! Can you believe it?

The walk to the actual theater is amazing!

And finally, the theater where the audience is seated!

Most people don't plan on buying any extra food or drinks, but end up buying some anyway.They have snacks available and you can also buy a bento box for a little less than $10 USD.

Now, about the shows! The first two shows are really loud and wild, and the crowd definitely enjoys them, judging by the cheers and facial expressions. Each show has a different theme, and according to the Robot Restaurant management, the shows, costumes, and music change every month. The shows are bright with a lot of flashing lights and colors, and really exciting to watch. For those who are sensitive to flashing lights be forewarned though! The music is also really loud, and children are usually provided with some noise-lessening headphones.

The Robot Restaurant is reported by many to be a lot of fun and something worth going back and watching again and again!

For those interested in continuing the robot-themed fun, the Henn na Hotel is something worth checking into to! The robot-staffed hotels after an afternoon at the robot restaurant sounds like never-ending fun!

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