Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

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Tokyo, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:31AM

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A Garden Respite in Tokyo

Once the dwelling of a noble family during the Edo, the Shinjuku Gyoen was later made a private ground exclusively for the Imperial Family in the late 19th century, but after suffering destruction and then renewal after World War II, it was opened to the general public.  Since that time, the Shinjuku Gyoen has since become a beloved public garden of Tokyo, featuring lovely and exquisite examples of not only Japanese-style gardens, but also influences from French and English gardens. A sprawling complex that extends through the districts of both Shinjuku and Shibuya, the area is like the dream of the crowded streets which it parallels, a necessarily relaxation spot for Tokyoites, providing spaciousness and balance to the city. It is in fact so peaceful and revered that it was even chosen as the spot for the funeral rites of the late Emperor Showa.

No matter what season you find yourself wandering its paths, with a myriad of different flowers and trees dispersed through the grounds, you’re sure to find your own gorgeous spot. Although the over 1500 cherry blossom trees of over 65 varieties that bloom in spring are perhaps the most famous, with you may find a beautiful corner no matter the season of your visit!

With still ponds, soaring trees, and a gracious sense of space, take a moment to enjoy this pleasing and dignified garden!

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