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About Miyazaki

Miyazaki Prefecture is part of the Kyushu island of Japan and has nine cities. The capital city is Miyazaki and it serves as a popular location for Japanese tourists to go visit due to the many recreational centers it has.
Miyazaki Prefecture is known for its many beautiful, nature areas, perfect for hiking or going for a short walk. However, Miyazaki is also well known for their many gorgeous and majestic historical buildings such as the shrines and castles. For those who prefer a more relaxed vibe, Miyazaki is a popular destination to go to. Aoshima Island is also a beautiful spot where visitors can enjoy the ocean view. It is known for the rock formations around the island called ogres/devils washboard. There are many interesting spots to see in Miyazaki, and there is never a shortage of things to do. 

Where To Go

---Obi Castle Town---
Obi Castle Town is located in Obi city and is the main castle of the Ito clan that dates back to the Edo period. For those who enjoy taking in Japanese historical sites, the Obi castle is a good place to visit in Miyazaki. Within the castle grounds, there is also a small museum of old artifacts that gives glimpses into Japan's history.

---Takachiho Gorge---
Takachiho Gorge is a gorgeous place to visit for those who enjoy scenic views and being out in nature. It's arguably also one of the most popular spots to go. Takachiho Gorge is a ravine created due to lava erosion from Mount Aso. Seasonally, the surrounding colors and environment changes, making it beautiful and interesting year round. Visitors are also treated to a view of a pretty waterfall, and people can choose between walking or taking a boat ride to view it. 

---Sekini-o Falls---
Sekino-o Falls is listed as one of the Top 100 waterfalls of Japan. There are three waterfalls making up Sekino-o falls, the largest is about 40 meters wide and 18 meters tall. For those who enjoy nature and waterfall scenes, this waterfall is a pretty one to go visit. There are also some of the world's largest potholes found nearby, going upstream from the waterfall and are considered a natural monument. 

What To Eat

---Chicken Nanban---
Chicken Namban is a local, Miyazaki food. The fried chicken is essentially fried chicken, but unlike other fried chicken, the chicken in this dish is covered in a sweet, tangy, and sometimes a little spicy sauce made from vinegar and tartar sauce. Sometime the fried chicken is done in more of a tonkotsu style, where the chicken is flattened. One of the most popular and well known Miyazaki dishes, this is a must try when in the area.

Hiyajiru is a soup dish traditional to Miyazaki. There are crushed, grilled fish in the soup along with seasme seeds in a miso broth. Tofu and cucumber are also added, but depending on where it is served, the recipe may be a little different. It is often served and eaten over hot rice or with hot rice.

Other dishes to try: Miyazaki beef, Obiten, Cheese manju, 

Things to See

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