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About Nagano

Nagano Prefecture is part of the Chubu region of Japan, with its capital being Nagano. It might be best known for their 1998 Winter Olympic hosting, but Nagano has much more to offer. Known for the mountainous terrain, Nagano is both beautiful and scenic, making it a nice get-a-way destination for visitors, and a peaceful looking environment for its citizens. Out of twelve, nine of the highest mountains are found in Nagano, and about 21% of the land area is designated as natural parks. There are plenty of hot spring resorts to relax in, and powder snow to ski down in the winter time. There are also beautfiul cherry blossoms in the spring, and bright autumn foliage in the fall. Nagano is a beautiful place to visit year-round.

Where To Go

---Jigokudani Monkey Park---
Jigokudani Monkey Park might be Nagano's most famous attraction. This is the home of the hot spring monkeys. The Japanese macaques are known to bathe in the outdoor onsens, and their expressions are almost human like. Although this is the sole attraction of this destination, the monkeys are amazing enough to keep you in awe. Just beware, there is no bathing with the monkeys, it is solely observational.

---Bessho Onsen---
Bessho onsen is a perfect spot to go to if you're a fan on Japanese onsens. The hot spring resort town has the oldest recorded hot spring in the region complete with healing sulfurs.

What to Eat

---Oyaki Dumplings---
Oyaki Dumplings are a local food of Nagano that consists of a bun filled with vegetables that have been cooked with miso and soy sauce.

---Wild Game Meat Dishes---
Nagano has often survived on wild game that the people have hunted for. This consists of deer, wild boar, and even bear meat. The meat is usually served in stews, curries, and sometimes as a tartar.


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