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About Ehime

Ehime Prefecture is located in the Shikoku region of Japan. There are eleven cities within Ehime and the capital city is Matsuyama. Like much of Japan, Ehime is characterized by a mountainous terrain as well as being a part of the coastline. Ehime is an island just off of Japan's main island Honshu. 
Ehime's warm weather and its traditional style towns and buildings, make Ehime a great place to go to experience Japanese culture and history.

Where To Go

---Dogo Onsen---
Onsens are a big part of Japanese culture and something Japan, in general, is known for. Dogo Onsen is one of the most famous onsens in the Ehime area due to its history. The onsen is over 3000 years old. The locals who invested money into the production of this onsen were given lifetime passes that could be passed on through generations. There are small displays of these historical tickets at the onsen as of today. Visitors can also enjoy relaxing in the lounge with some treats after their baths.

---Nanraku-en Garden---
Nanarakuen Garden is a garden located in the southern area of Ehime, this garden is the largest in the enter Shikoku region. The garden is beautiful and a perfect place to visit for nature lovers. In the garden, there are various carefully constructed scenes to fo with the themes of the mountain, village, city, and sea. 

---Aoshima (Cat Island)---
Aoshima, most commonly referred to as Ozu City Island or Cat Island, is famous due to the large population of cats inhabiting the island. In fact, there are more cats on the island than people! For those who are animal lovers, or at least cat lovers, this is a neat location to check out in Ehime. This island is only accessible through a boat from Port Nagahama.

What To Eat

---Tai Meshi---
Uwajima Tai Meshi is a rice bowl topped with the fish, Tai. The fish can be raw and like sashimi, but already placed over rice with bits of seaweed and green onion. But in some regions, the tai is cooked with rice.

Jakoten is essentially a fish cake made from small fish called Hotarujako that are mixed into a Tempura batter and fried. This dish can be eaten alone but some people eat it with other foods. The dish is said to be rich in calcium and other nutrients, with a rich fish taste.

Things to See

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