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Fusion of foreign cultures

Nagasaki, located on the west coast of Japan's Kyushu Island is known for its volcanoes, beautiful offshore islands, historic buildings and hot-spring spas.

Nagasaki was the only major entrance port for foreign countries for hundreds of years in Japan's period of national isolation. For that reason, countries such as Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, and Unites States have influenced much of Nagasaki’s history, products and famous spots.

--The Food--

This includes many of Nagasaki's popular foods. Many of Nagasaki's famous foods also originate from foreign countries. As there is still a large navy base in Nagasaki, there is a lot of western and US influences in Nagasaki. The Sasebo Burger has a US influence and was created trying to emulate the boldness, greasiness, and size of a typical burger found in the United States. However it was perfected by many Japanese cooks, and there is definitely a unique element and flavor all its own. Castella is a sweet dessert that is like a firmer version of a sponge cake. The cake has its influences in Spain but was brought to Nagasaki by Portugal. It's delicious and dairy-free (usually), as when it was first intorduced, there was no dairy products in Japan! Castella is now a popular gift to bring back and can be found throughout Japan. 

Left to right: Sasebo Burger, Castella, Turkish Rice with tonkatsu



At the same time that there are so many wonderful things in Nagasaki, and a wonderful influence of many cultures and countries due to their history, Nagasaki also faced tragic events, such as the persecution of the Christians and the atomic bombing during World War II. These events have also shaped Nagasaki into what it is today.

Despite these tragedies, it has overcome and rebuilt itself as one of Japan's most intriguing and attractive tourist destinations, where visitors can get a taste of a different side of Japanese history.

--Things to do--

There are many things to do and see in Nagasaki. Historical and culturally relevant landmarks to see, great food to try. There is even a popular theme park, Huis Ten Bosch found here. The Henn na Hotel is also a popular attraction for the quirky, fun technology and robots that can be seen here. Families can even book a stay here if they're visiting Huis Ten Bosch theme park!


Things to See

Things to Eat


Nagasaki is one of Japan's closest port cities to the Asian mainland, which has played an important role in international trade for many centuries. This history, in which traditional Japanese culture has harmonized with overseas cultures, left lots of imprints in the region’s architecture, food, and annual events. One of the popular attractions of Nagasaki is the theme park, Huis Ten Bosch!

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