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About Kanagawa

Kanagawa Prefecture is a part of the Kanto region of Japan. Kanagawa is characterized by the mountains, rivers, and sea that are within it, as well as for being close to Japan's most popular city, Tokyo. One of it's most well-known cities, Yokohama, is the main site for Kanagawa's business and economy relations, and it is also the capital city. Kanagawa also has two very popular destinations in Japan, Hakone and Kamakura that has served as the primary tourist destinations for Kanagawa. 

Where To Go

Hakone, a designated Geopark, is perhaps best known for their ryokans, Japanese style inns, and for their many hot springs in the area.However it is also a popular destination due to the fact that Mt.Fuji tends to be very visible for many spots in Hakone. There are even ryokans where you can enjoy a view of Mt.Fuji from the luxury of your own private onsen(hot spring). 
The Hakone Ropeway is located in Hakone, and can be used to reach Owakudani, another popular destination.  

Kamakura, another popular destination in Kanagawa, is home to many temples and shrines, and is the site of many seasonal activities. Perhaps one of the most popular sights in Kamakura is the Great Buddha statue. The bronze Buddha statue is the second largest in Japan, and is an important marker of the area. 
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Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and has a population of about three million. Yokohama is characterized more by the business buildings and city like appearance compared to Kanagawa's other popular counterpart Hakone. Some of Yokohama's most popular attractions include Chinatown, Cup Noodles Museum, and Sankeien Garden. 

What To Eat

---Namashirasu Don/Raw Whitebait Rice Bowl---
This fish bowl includes raw tiny fish, usually sardines or anchovies, that are placed over a bowl of rice. 

---Yokosuka Navy Curry---
Curry was first introduced into Japanese cuisine through Indian cuisine. Since then, Kanagawa has created their own spin on the curry in the form of Yokosuka Navy Curry. Yokosuka is the port city where this curry was born, and is an old fashioned style Japanese curry.



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