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About Ishikawa

Ishikawa prefecture is part of the Chubu region of Japan. Their coastline extends up to 580km long so the ocean and fishing plays a vital role in their economy. Because of this you can get delcious sushi in Ishikawa and seafood is a significant source of their food. There are also plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors and take in the beauty of Ishikawa.
It is a place that has great history and values traditional customs. Ishikawa has left some of their historical buildings in an effort to preserve the history. There are still samurai houses with mud walls still remaining, and there are many buildings that look more old fashioned and traditional. There are also plenty of places to view and perhaps make your own traditional crafts.

Where To Go

Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa, and the most popular destination for visitors to visit in Ishikawa. Not only is Kanazawa the center for Ishikawa's economy and business, but it is also a spot where there seem to be a mecca for traditional crafts and local specialties. There are also traditional craft activities to partake in as well. 

---Kenroku-en Garden---
The Kenroku-en Garden has been called one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. Complete with a pond and beautiful greens, the park gives off a serene, peaceful feeling. The garden is beautiful and different looking dependent upon the season, so there is enver a bad time to visit. 

What To Eat

---Gold Leaf Foil---
Kanazawa is well known for their gold-leaf foil that can not only be seen in art but also in their cuisine. If you're feeling a little lux, why not try some gold foil ice cream?

Fresh seafood can be found all over Ishikawa due Ishikawa's location by the coast. Sushi using fresh fish, queen crabs are caught off the coast, and yellowtail dishes are just some of the seafood dishes that can be found here. Kabura zushi is a local food that consists of yellowtail, carrots, and seaweed in between turnips. Note the gold leaf foil in the picture!

For those who are meat-lovers, this dish is sure to stir up the appetite. Noto-don is a bowl of rice topped with beef from Noto. It's filling and feels like a luxurious meal.

Jibuni is a traditional local food of stewed vegetables and thinly sliced duck. This food is local to Kanazawa, and is a staple in the colder months.

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