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Kumamoto is situated on the west coast of Kyushu, and while the name may not ring a bell to those less familiar with Japan, it has a few spots that can't lose to anywhere throughout Japan and is a must-stop area for any trip around the great island Kyushu. Although it was the epicenter of a series of earthquakes that hit Kyushu very hard in April 2016 that damaged both the lives of everyday people as well as some cultural symbols such as Kumamoto Castle, the prefecture rebounded quickly and is welcoming visitors with more welcome arms than ever as a means of recovery.

Kumamoto Castle is one of the grandest in Japan, offering one of the most complete castle experiences in the whole country including structures both original and reconstructed, informative museums as well as preserved historical halls. The castle may also be the most recognizable symbol of the prefecture.

Mt. Aso, a fierce active volcano, features the largest caldera in the entire world.

Amakusa is a beautiful collection of islands that also houses a fascinating history of "hidden Christians" practicing their faith in secrecy for centuries.

And for those looking to go deeper, spectacular vistas way off the typical tourist map are waiting to be discovered.

So called "Laputa Road" or "Sky Road," an amazing length of scenery on a normal highway running through the prefecture.

Nabegataki Falls, a humble yet picturesque waterfall spot.

And while Japanese food is becoming increasingly known and popular worldwide, have you tried Kumamoto specialties such as basashi (raw horsemeat), karashi renkon (a very spicy variation of renkon, or Japanese lotus root) or Taipi-en (a "Chinese" type of vermiceli bean noodles in a peppery tonkotsu soup that in facyt originated in Kumamoto.)
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Karashi Renkon


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