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About Miyagi

Miyagi Prefecture, or Miyagi-ken, is located in the southern Tohoku Region and is home to some beautiful sites. Sendai is the region's largest city. Miyagi is also well known for Matsushima, a town on the Pacfic coast with beautiful views, which is known as one of Japan's three most scenic views. Miyagi Prefecture was one of the the worst hit regions during the tsunami of March 2011, and is still in recovery today, though the region has received support through tourism and rebuilding efforts internationally and within Japan.

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Notable Facts

Famous Sights: 

Nametsu Waterfall- This waterfall is located specifically in Shichikashuku town and is a pretty well known waterfall is Miyagi.

Fox Village- Fox village in Zao is a tourist destination where people can go up into the mountains of Miyagi and observe foxes roaming freely.

Okama Crater- Okama Crater is not accessible up close, but can be observed from a distance. The giant crater is beautiful, and the lake appears to be filled with teal water.


Oyster dishes- Miyagi is known for their kaki ryori, oyster dishes, so if you're a lover of seafood, this is something worth trying.

Soy bean mochi- Zundamochi is mochi covered in soy bean paste and is a famous food in Miyagi.

Cow tongue- Gyutan yaki is cow tongue roast. The thinly sliced meats are popular throughout Japan, but is a Sendai specialty, and tastes like regular barbeque. 

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