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About Tokushima

Tokushima Prefecture is located in Shikoku Island of Japan. There are eight cities in Tokushima, with the city Tokushima being its capital. Tokushima is an agricultural prefecture that heavily relies on their land resources economically. Most of Japan's cauliflower and lotus roots come from Tokushima, and they produce many other types of vegetables, especially because their environment and soil are favorable for it. Tokushima is a beautiful prefecture where most of its land still looks like a part of nature.

Where To Go

The prefecture is best known for Awa Odori, one of the largest dance festivals in Japan held in August. The Awa Odori is a dance festival that is part of the Obon festival. THis dance festival brings in many tourists each year, and is a great example of traditional Japanese culture.

---Iya Valley---
Iya valley is a nice place to visit for those who enjoy hot springs. There are also beautiful, scenic spots like Oboke Gorge and Mount Tsurugi. However, the main attraction in Iya Valley are the three vine bridges found within the mountain. Iya Kazurabashi and Oku-Iya Kazurabashi are suspension bridges. Iya Kazurabashi is actually a pair of bridges. The larger of the two spans about 44 meters across a river, and the smaller bridge, Tsuma no Hashi is about 22 meters long.The look of these bridges are both impressive and daunting, but great care is taken to preserve these bridges including rebuilding the bridge every three years.

The Naruto Whirlpools are a natural phenemenon caused by strong currents that is observed in the strait between Naruto and Awaji Island and are a tourist attraction. The whirlpools actually inspired the name for the popular manga character, Uzumaki Naruto. 

What To Eat

Dekomawashi is a skewered dish of kon'yaku, tofu, and potatoes that are dipped into a miso sauce that are grilled. The savory and sometimes sweet dish is delicious, easy to eat, and traditional. 

---Naruto Sea Bream Dishes---
The Naruto Sea Bream is a popular and famous fish due to the fact that the grow in the Naruto whirlpools. Supposedly, the sea bream here is moer meaty, firm, and delicious than other sea-breams, and are delicious eaten as sashimi.

---Tokushima Ramen---
Tokushima Ramen is a famous ramen dish that is local to Tokushima. The broth in the ramen is made with pork bone and flavored with sou sauce. The toppings in the ramen also differ from other ramens because it is usally topped with pork belly instead of char-siu. Tokushima ramen usually also comes with an egg and some green onions making for a delicious filling ramen.

Other notable dishes: Awa beef, Awa pork, Awa chicken, Iya Soba, Tarai Udon Noodle


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