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Beautiful Cities and Islands

In Southern Japan there is a nice and beautiful place called Kagoshima. Kagoshima is very famous for its history, with the Satsuma Clan. In the 1800s, the Satsuma Clan situated in the southwestern point of Japan was the first to be threatened by foreign powers. In 1840, Kagoshima faced heavy pressure to start trade with European and American countries, and the Clan engaged in modernization.The Shuseikan Project initiated by Nariakira Shimadzu engaged in the construction of reverberatory furnace and mechanization of the area.


Kagoshima city is the largest city in Kagoshima prefecture and praised as a sister city of Naples in Italy. However, pizza and pasta are not the staples served in Kagoshima’s café, instead, there are lots of traditional foods there such as “karukan(a kind of cake made with yams)”, “Torisashi(raw chicken)” and “Kabayaki(smoked eel)” and so on!


Satsuma-age Fried fish cake


They have a similar climate to Naples and have views to streets and Kagoshima’s own Vesuvius – Sakurajima.

Most people know Kagoshima because of Sakurajima, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan.

It never gets boring to watch the ash billowing into the sky in a sudden eruption.

And Kagoshima is also well known for the island of Yakushima, found just south of Kagoshima. The island is green and lush, and parts of the island were named a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. Yakushima is also home to Japan's oldest living trees. Those with an affinity towards natural and green places full of nature and life will enjoy a trip to Yakushima. Although a little difficult to get to than say your average popular Japan island destinations such as Okinawa and Naoshima, it is not impossible! And you can go with our Mysterious Kyushu tour if you wish!

Trivia: Yakushima is also said to be the inspiration for a famous Studio Ghibli film! Can you guess which one?

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