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About Shizuoka

Shizuoka Prefecture is located in the Chubu region of Japan, and its capital city is Shizuoka. The Shizuoka prefecture has about twenty-three cities within with the largest city by population being Hamamatsu. Shizuoka is culturally rich, with many things to do and see. Shizuoka is also a place to go if you enjoy scenes of nature because there are so many natural landmarks to see. There are gorgeous mountain passes, grand limestone caves, and peaceful ocean views to enjoy in Shizuoka. They are known for their views of Mount Fuji and their diverse options of delicious foods.

Where To Go

---Horai Bridge---
Horai Bridge runs across the Oi River and was once considered the world's longest wooden bridge. Because of this, this location has garnered a lot on interest and has brought visitors to see the bridge. Although this is the only feature of this attraction, the long wooden bridge is enough alone to pique one's interest. However, if the season and environment is right, the bridge also runs across a lot of green bush, and features a beautiful view of the lush, green mountainside. 

---Kunozan Toshogu Museum---
There are many museums in Shizuoka, both cultural and hsitorical. There are also art museums and many other types of museums. The Kunozan Toshogu Shrine Museum is a museum that features many samurai goods. It carries over 2000 Toshogu artificats to give viewers a glimpse into Japan's cultural history.

What To Eat

---Sakuraebi Dishes---
Sakuraebi, also known as cherry shrimps, are tiny little shrimps that are a famous, local food of Shizuoka. Because they are only allowed to be fished in the Suruga Bay of Shizuoka, these dishes involving sakuraebi are mainly found here. In Shizuoka, they cook with these tiny shrimps many different ways, each dish rich with flavor. Some dishes using sakuraebi include making tempura with them and using them in sushi.

Wasabi is also famous in Shizuoka. Many people may have tried wasabi that comes with inexpensive sushi trays, but that wasabi is uaually mixed with horseradish and other ingredients, and it does not exemplify the true wasabi taste. Wasabi is a root vegetable, and although similar to horseradish in flavor and spicyness, has a distinctly unique flavor that is earthy and fresh.



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