Tsukiji Fish Market

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Tokyo, Japan Feb. 28 Wed 12:58PM

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The World's Largest Fish Market

*The Tsukiji Fish Market will close its doors at its current location in OCTOBER 2019. It prepares to move to a new site in the Toyosu district of Tokyo's Koto Ward.

There has been debate over the move for several years, but as of now it is officially scheduled to happen. The last tuna auction has already occured.

Long a carefully guarded secret, Japanese cuisine has recently become a beloved staple around the world. Sushi, especially, has become a truly international, highly respected cuisine.

If Tokyo were to be the holy land of sushi, Tsukiji Fish Market is the inner sanctuary, and the Outer Market is where a lot of these goods are prepared and sold.

The best advice we can give is to come very hungry and be ready to try anything.

In addition to sushi, here you can find stalls offering ramen, yakitori (and just about any other delicious thing that you can skewer on a stick) and many other delicacies.

Follow your stomach, see what the locals are getting, and enjoy the culinary adventure of a lifetime.

Tsukiji Market

Tuna Cutting

Amazing Cutting Toro(Tuna)

If you know how to bargain hunt, you can have some of the best street food in the world here for literally a fraction of what you might pay for in your home country. Delightfully throw away your notion of Japan as an expensive destination as you slurp a delectable bowl of 500 yen ($4 USD) ramen, and then chomp on a 100 yen (less than $1 USD) eel on a stick, all while enjoying the authentic energy of one of the busiest marketplaces in the world.


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