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About Chiba

Chiba prefecture is located in the Kanto region of Japan and is a place that has a long history including a history with the Jomon period. There are many kofun, burial mounds as well as kaizuka seashell mounds that date back to the Jomon period here.
Now, Chiba is the sixth most populated prefecture in Japan, with many things available to do. The coast of Chiba is protected as "two quasi-national parks and one prefectural natural park" in Japan. Due to their close proximity to the ocean, Chiba has some pretty scenery.

Where To Go

There are many places to visit in Chiba that are great for the family. There are the Tokyo Disney Resorts that are a popular destination for everyone. But there are other places that Chiba has to offer.

---National Museum of Japanese History---
The National Museum of Japanese History is located in Sakura, Chiba and contains tons of antropological information and artifacts relating to Japan. 

---Naritasan Shinshoji Temple---
The Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is a Buddhist Temple located in Narita City of the Chiba prefecture. This temple is a popular destination and holds a lot of Japanese history. Located close to the airport, it is a convenient location to make a quick stop, and see a famous Chiba landmark.

What To Eat

---Katsuura Tantanmen---
Katsuura Tantanmen is a noodle dish that has ground pork, onions, and chili oil as the main ingredients. It was originally created as a warm dish for female divers and fishermen, but is now popular amongst the general public. It's Chibas take on the Chinese dish but without the sesame paste that it usually used.

Namerou is a seafood dish consisting of minced fish meat of multiple types of fish. It then is mixed with shiso(perilla leaf), miso, and shallots for a salty, satisfying meal. It is called namerou which mean's to lick because it's so good that you'll want to lick your plate. This dish is famous in the southern Boso peninsula of Chiba. 

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Things to Eat

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