Visiting an Owl Cafe in Tokyo

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Tokyo, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 2:55AM

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Spend a Perfect Afternoon with Owls!

All types of animal cafés are really popular in Japan, and owl cafés have been overtaking Tokyo by storm!

Animal cafés are popular in Japan because there are a lot of people who love animals but can’t keep a pet due to the regulations at their apartment complexes- but you don't have to be Japanese to enjoy them! They're also really popular with visitors, which means that a lot of these cafés make sure that they have services in English, and they often even have special deals or discounts for foreign visitors. 

It's easy to find the café thanks to the easy to understand sign board with some cute owls! 

The interior of the cafe is really cozy! 

It's prudent to mention that this café gets really crowded because of its popularity, so it's definitely worth it to make a reservation in advance so you can enjoy the café without waiting. 

In the dining section of the café, you can have a drink before you play with the owls. The main activity here is to see and play with an owl, but just like other animal cafés, customers at Fukuro no Sato can have a refreshing drink while they wait to spend time with their adorable companions.

Once the drink has been brought out, the staff will explain the rules- they are written in English and Chinese as well. This information is very important, so be sure not to break any rules. For example, since a small owl could be a predatory target of a large owl, they should not be too close to each other.

To keep a clean, safe environment for both humans and owls, the dining section and the owl section are kept separated. And as another sanitary measure, visitors need to disinfect their hands using alcohol before visiting the birds.

When you enter the section of the café where you can play with the owls, you first need to choose which owl you'd like to play with. After that, one can touch and caress the owl’s head lightly and gently. It is much softer than it looks. There is also an opportunity to hug the owl. In this case, it is advisable to choose a small to medium sized owl, since they are heavier than they appear.

Owls are calm and they perch on their personal chairs.

To hold an owl, a visitor needs to wear a special, sturdy glove.

Owl selfie!

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