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Japanese Street Fashion

Fans of Gwen Stefani may have heard the phrase “Harajuku Girls,” but this is the real thing! Harajuku is a collective term for the area that stretches from the south of the Sendagaya area to Jingumae-machi. On the west side of JR Harajuku Station is Meiji-jingu Shrine, located in a forest, it is famous for its Japanese iris garden where irises bloom in profusion during the rainy season, and a treasury hall that stores articles that belonged to Emperor Meiji, the highly cherished emperor of the late 19th century. Near Meiji-jingu Shrine is NHK Broadcasting Center, where visitors can take a tour through the TV program studios and view various exhibits.

Each street in this district offers a different look, so you can either seriously pursue exactly the style you’re looking for in a concentrated area, or just window shop and get a sample taste of everything. Highlights include Omotesando Hills where brand name stores line the streets, Takeshita Dori, a mecca for teen fashion popular among middle and high schoolers, and Cat Street and Ura-Harajuku, focal points of the internationally admired Japanese street fashion scene. On weekends, cosplayers dressing up as their favorite characters and members of subcultures such as “lolita,” a frilly style of super-cute, ornate clothes reminiscent of old-timey dolls, strut their stuff, so you’re sure to see something that catches your eye.

Harajuku isn’t all clothes, as it’s also a great place to grab a tasty snack while you shop. We recommend the district’s tasty crepes that you can eat while you walk, but always be on the lookout for chic little food vendors and cafes as you explore the side streets, as new shops are constantly opening, ranging from a cute pancake cafe to a store specializing only in popcorn!

Particularly in recent years, a number of new stores have opened, such as the fashion building Omotesando Hills and famous brand name stores from around the world. Those stores offer customers the very best in shopping and dining experience, in a stylish environment imbued with fashon, arts and culture. Omotesando Street, is lined with elegant boutiques and restaurants. 



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