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Tokyo, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 10:09PM

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Surprisingly Cute and Cuddly

Tokyo is one of the most unqiue cities in the world, especially when it comes to animal cafés. 

Cat cafés have become popular all over Japan and in other countries, and lots of different types of animal cafés are becoming popular, too. 

In August of 2015, a snake café opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. Since its opening, there have been international and Japanese visitors alike. 

Snake in the box

For 1500 yen (less than $15, available through H.I.S. only!), a visitor can get a drink and an opportunity to keep a snake while staying at the café.


There are 35 snakes but none of them are poisonous- they are called ‘attendants’ at this cafe.

For those who have a phobia of snakes, it will be a relief to know that the attendant snake, which comes to the table, stays safely inside its glass house. However, by paying an additional fee, customers can take the snakes out of the cases to hold and pet them! 

It’s important to note that visitors will have a briefing by a staff member before the petting the snake. Every visitor who decides to pet a snake must read the instructions beforehand.

There is nothing to worry about- be gentle and pet the snake softly.

You can even see information about the snakes! 

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