Ogasawara Islands

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Tokyo, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:48AM

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As Off the Beaten Path as Tokyo Gets

Looking for off the beaten path? There's not even an airport on these tropical islands.

The Ogasawara Islands are made up of over 30 islands scattered in the Pacific Ocean. They're located south of the Izu Shichito Islands, and they have abundant coral reefs, clear tropical oceans, and a wide variety of plant and animal life. 

Abundant coral reefs and tropical fish in a clear sea. Islands with 140 varieties of plants and animals.The islands are remote and thus, the plants and animals have evolved there separately from the rest of Japan, with over 100 types of plants and 14 types of animals native to the islands. As part of the Ogasawara National Park, all are protected species. 

The islands are really popular with divers for its high-clarity warm waters. Many of the islands are surrounded by high cliffs, adding a certain majesty to them and accentuating their remoteness. 

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