Gunma, Japan Jun. 19 Wed 6:44PM

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About Gunma

Gunma prefecture is located in the Kanto region of Japan. It is a place with history and culture. Gunma offers arguably some of the most beautiful natural sights in Japan and is the perfect destination for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. There are also plenty other sites to see and places to stay that feature hot springs. Gunma even has one of Japan's three "Melody Roads" that transmits a tactile vibration that produces a melody of "Memories of Summer" when driven over at 50 km/h. It's easy to feel comfortable and relaxed in a place that offers some beautiful sights and embraces the spectacular natural surroundings that surround them.

Where To Go

---Fukiware no taki Falls---
Fukiware no taki Falls is a popular waterfall destination. The large and beautiful waterfalls is about 30 meters wide and resembles a much smaller version of Niagra falls. However, it is still a spectacular sight to see.

---Sky Bridge---
Sky Bridge is the perfect place to go to take in the beauty of Gunma. It is a long, suspension bridge that goes over Gunma's landscape and a spot to take in nature. It's perfect for a stroll to clear your mind.

What To Eat

A traditional Gunma food, Yakimanju is a miso coated bun, that is skewered and grilled. A savory snack or dish, it is a must try in Gunma. 

Another local cuisine is Okkirikomi. This dish consists of udon noodles that are flat and wide, in a soy-sauce broth filled with seasonal vegetables. 


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