Kaiten Sushi (Rotating Sushi)

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Tokyo, Japan Jun. 19 Wed 6:41PM

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Inexpensive Sushi in Shibuya

I love kaiten sushi! It’s a great way to eat sushi that’s delicious and not too expensive. Food in Japan is always fresh and delicious, especially kaiten sushi, which is sushi that rotates on a conveyer belt, and you just take what you want to eat from the conveyor belt!

I went to Midori Sushi, which is located on the 8th floor of Seibu department store, Shibuya, a few steps away from the famous Shibuya Scramble crossing and the Hachiko statue.

During usual lunch and dinner time, it gets busy, so you might have to wait in a line to get in, but the longest I’ve waited is half an hour. For different types of seats you may have to wait longer than others.

Table seat: You might have to wait longer until it becomes available, but you can use a touchpad with photos to order your food, which is really convenient!

Counter seat: You can actually see the chef in action!

How to Order

There are a few ways to order sushi!

-If you’re brave, you can look at the menu without pictures and then write down the number that accompanies the dish on the menu and hand it to the waiter.

-You can order on the touch screen

-You can pick the plate of food that you want from the conveyor belt

English is available too!


The price is labelled by the color of the plate.

Starting from 100 yen (white)

130 yen – blue

160 yen – green/white

200 yen – red

250 yen – Green

300 yen – gold/navy

350 yen – red

and so on.

There will usually be a guide to how expensive each plate is posted at the restaurant.

Sushi is the most popular dish in Japan, and kaiten sushi is a great way to try it!

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