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Akita, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 2:45AM

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Located in the Hachimantai Region, Lake Tazawa, or Tazawako as it is known in Japanese, is a perfect stopover on the way to Nyuto Onsen or Mount Akita-Komagatake. The deepest lake in all of Japan, the depth of its waters is reflected in the depth of the experience of visiting it, a yet undeveloped, authentically isolated and beautiful experience, though with an iconic quality.

In addition to the of course mysterious and serene atmosphere of the lake itself, this iconic quality is in large part created by the famous golden statue that stands by the lake, of a woman called Tatsuko. Tatsuko was a beautiful girl who was said to have prayed to maintain her beauty forever, but was instead cursed into a dragon and cast to the bottom of the lake. Her beautiful but melancholy fate can be felt by visitors to the lake itself, especially while gazing upon the statue.

The Goza no Ishi shrine is another famous landmark, a spot where the feudal lords of bygone days would make a pilgrimage to see the beautiful view of the lake.


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