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Akita, Japan Jun. 19 Wed 8:37PM

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Like all of Japan’s prefectures, Akita has its own lineup of scrumptious signature foods, many of which can only be consumed locally.

Easily the most iconic and beloved of Akita’s local foods is kiritampo,

This classic dish’s basic form is invitingly simple- rice is mashed up into a paste, wrapped around a skewer, and grilled above an open flame. It’s said that the dish originally came into being so the region’s hunters and gatherers could munch on rice while they were walking the local mountains in search of their goods.

Now however, the dish has largely taken on a new form, most often consumed as kiritanpo nabe. The yummy, thick, sticky rice tubes are placed in a nabe hot pot with a lot of other delicious local meats and vegetables and cooked together, forming the ultimate communal comfort food, perfect for Akita’s frigid winters.

Another excellent choice is Inaniwa Udon. The udon you may have had was probably thick (unless you’re from Akita, that is), but Inaniwa Udon is thin, offering a whole sensation, texture, and way of enjoying noodles together with sauces. We’ll let the picture speak for itself here.

Also worth mentioning is that, although the neighboring Aomori Prefecture definitely hogs the spotlight for apple production in Japan, Akita is an up-and-comer, in recent years having developed a new strand of apple called the “Beni Akari” that is known for its mildly sweet, scrumptious flavor, that even young children and the elderly can enjoy due to its lack of harsh sourness. Go ahead and take a bite next time you’re in Akita!

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