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A Unique Onsen Experience

Tamagawa Onsen is a hot spring resort is famous for having Japan's most acidic hot spring waters (the pH is almost 1), as well as for having Japan's single most productive hot spring source, with about 9000 liters of 98 degree water every minute. 

It is located in the mountains of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. The onsen itself is just one single ryokan with public baths and basic rooms, but the surrounding area is famous for its hot springs, as well as a radioactive stone called hokutolite. This stone is very rare and is said to have healing powers, especially in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Many of the visitors to Tamagawa Onsen come for medical reasons rather than for rest and relaxation, but for health reasons. Many people who visit the area also lie on the rocks themselves for their healing properties, which can be seen along the walking paths in the area. 

The bathing facilities themselves are indoor, wooden baths with the locally sourced water feeding them. Some of the baths are diluted, but others have the original acidity of the hot spring source in the area with a low pH. There are also saunas with the steam from the same source. 

Located about a mile away from Tamagawa Onsen is Shin-Tamagawa Onsen, a second ryokan with baths fed from the same spring source. 

Both the baths at Tamagawa Onsen and Shin-Tamagawa Onsen are open to day visitors, not just those staying overnight at the ryokan. 

Hokulite at Tamagawa Onsen


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