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Japan's Onsen Capital

It may only have a population of 120,000, but Beppu is the most famous and largest hot spring resort town in Japan filled with public baths at every turn and ryokan, Japanese style inns, at every corner.

Beppu not only has the most hot spring water in Japan, but also the widest range of onsen baths, including steam baths, mud baths, and hot sand baths, where bathers are buried in volcanically heated sand. 

The town is also famous for its series of "Hells," hot spring pools scattered throughout town. Far too hot for humans to enter, they resemble hellish landscapes, some of them a brilliant, somewhat eerie blood red. Names such as "Lake of Blood Hell" set the tone well. Steam rising from these Hells can be seen rising into the Beppu atmosphere.

Beppu Sea Hell 

For true fans of onsen hot springs and the unique atmosphere of the towns that rise among them, Beppu is must-visit.


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