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Oita, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 11:01PM

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The high brand mackerel

Seki Saba is a brand name for saba (mackerels). They usually costs 6 to 7 times more than just regualr saba. Saganoseki (Where all the Seki Saba comes from) is on Japan's Inland Sea, where strong currents are believed to keep fish in shape, and lowers their fat content. 

There is also an rule to Seki Saba. They must all be killed by ikejime. Which need technique to puncturing holes near the gills and tail to quickly drain blood. This is a rule they must keep, simply because saba in general spoils very fast. That's why saba used to be fishermen's fish. It was hard to transport, and serve fresh.

If you are in Oita, it is your chance to enjoy this fresh Seki Saba in different vairations. You shold of course try the sashimi, without being it cured by vinegar or salt. 

Also. fresh Seki Saba sushi is another way to enjoy this delicious fish. You won't be able to find this very often outside of Oita.

If you couldn't stop by a restaurant to enjoy fresh Seki Saba, pick up a Saba sushi at train stations or take out stores. They are cured with vinegar, but the flavor this Seki Saba has, is amazing!

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