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Oita, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:58AM

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Though not as large or developed as nearby Beppu, Yufuin offers a more rural, laid back alternative for those looking for the perfect onsen getaway in Kyushu. Located on a river surrounded by mountains, and straying only a little from the main road will quickly bring visitors to a world of rice fields and country paths.

While they might not be as numerous or clustered as in Beppu or other onsen resort towns like Kinosaki or Gero, Yufuin’s onsen are definitely no slouch, and are perfect for those who want to experience authentic Japanese countryside and natural scenes while bathing in the purifying water.

Visitors to the town are definitely recommended to make an about two kilometer walk to Lake Kinrinko, a bucolic body of water surrounded by shops and a shrine, as well as a cluster of public baths of its own.


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