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Oita, Japan May. 29 Wed 11:38AM

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Tempura style chicken

Toriten (Short for tori tempura) is a tempura style chicken which orininated in Oita. It was first made in 1962 in Oita-shi, and ever since, it has become the soul food for people in Oita. 

The meat is cut into pieces, soaked in soy sauce, sake and garlic powder, rolled in tempura powder and then deep fried. Any part of chieckn can be used for toriten. Because it uses tempura powder, the texture you get is different from regular fried chickens. They are chrispy, yet the moisutre in the chicken makes the tempura soft and juicy. However, some places prefer to fry it twice to make it even more crispy, and they are very delicious as well!

This dish is very popular in Oita area, and can be found in many of the resutaurants and food stands. 

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