Gyutan (Beef Tongue)

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Miyagi, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:20AM

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A Sendai Specialty

Gyutan is commonly eaten in Japan, and is a dish of beef tongue sliced thin and cooked over a charcoal grill. It is popular on its own, over rice, and in other dishes like Japanese-style curry or stew. 

The dish is relatively new, and became popular in the 1940's when a yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant owner decided to use beef tongue instead, and it became instantly popular in Sendai and all over Japan. Gyutan is often served with mugi gohan, which is white rice with barley, and sometimes with oxtail soup. 

While there are many gyutan restuarants, there is an entire "street" of gyutan restuarants called Gyutan Dori on the third floor of Sendai Station. The two most popular chains for gyutan are Rikyu and Kisuke, both of which have restuarants in Gyutan Dori and around Sendai City. 

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