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Beautiful Coast

The Sanriku Coast, or Sanriku Kaigan, is about 100 miles of dramatic, rocky coastline in the Tohoku Region, and is part of a national park, the Sanriku Recovery National Park. Its beautiful views have attracted visitors for many years. 

In 2011, the Sanriku Coast was hit by the March 11 tsunami. Large tsunamis have always hit the coast, but the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan triggered the tsunami, and the coastal area was destroyed. Almost 20,000 lives were lost, and infrastructure was destroyed, with thousands of buildings washed into the sea and entire towns disappearing. The recovery process is far from finished, and many displaced persons still are living in temporary housing, but tourist sites were reopened within months, and tourism is one of the most important ways to help Tohoku recover from the disaster. Visiting these sites also helps us pay remeberance to those lost and to support the future of Tohoku. 


Jodogohama Beach is the most popular site along the Sanriku Coast. Jodogohama means "Pure Land," and is the same name as the Pure Land sect of Buddhism, which evokes an image of paradise. The beach is located in Sanriku Fukko National Park, and is one of the 100 best beaches in Japan as designated by the Japanese government. Clear waters and rugged rocks along the coast make the dramatic view popular with visitors. There are two different cruises along the beach.The Blue Cave Cruise is 20 minutes long, and is takes place in small motorboats that approach the rocky islands quite closely, and it also stops at Aonodokutsu, or the Blue Cave, which is only accesible from the sea. The Miyako Jodogohama Boat Cruise is a larger site seeing ship that is 40 minutes long, and passes along the rock formations of the Sanriku Coast. 

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