Iwate Things to See

Iwate, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:59AM

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Iwate's Cultural Legacy

Hiraizumi, Iwate, was the Heian Period's northern center of politics and culture, and rivaled even Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital, until the 12th century. At that time, Japan's first shogun destroyed the city, and never fully recovered. Today, Hiraizumi remains an important historical legacy for Tohoku and Japan. 

The Chusonji Hondo, or Main Hall

The region's most famous temple is Chusonji Temple. The temple was founded in 850, and in its glory, had dozens of buildings in the temple complex. Today, only two buildings reamin, but these are the most important buildings of the complex. There is a golden pavillion called Konjikido that is completely covered in gold. Photography of the pavillion is prohibited and it is located inside another building to protect it. The other building is the Kyozo Hall, which was a holding place for Buddhist scripture. The main hall has been rebuilt, and houses many treasures from the Heian Period. There is also a noh theater stage on the grounds. 



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