Seeing and Meeting Geisha

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Kyoto, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 2:51AM

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A True Kyoto Experience

Currently, it is said that only 80 or so geisha remain in Kyoto. Geisha are artists that symbolize Kyoto and its traditional culture, and for visitors, it can be a magical experience. There are a few ways to see geisha during your trip to Kyoto. 

The first way, while not a guarantee to see geisha, can be really exciting. Often, geisha and apprentice geisha, called maiko or geiko, can be seen in Gion and other traditional neighborhoods on their way to appointments. 

The second, more reliable way, to see geisha in Kyoto is view dances. For these, you can buy tickets in advance and see geisha and apprentice geisha perform traditional dances, like in this tour


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