Heian Jingu

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Kyoto, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 3:01AM

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A Celebration of Kyoto's History

Heian-jingu was builg in 1895 to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the establishment of Kyoto, or of Heian-kyo, as it was called in ancient times. Its bright red-orange torii gate is a Kyoto landmark. The architecture of the shrine complex is that of the Chodoin, or the Emperor's palace in Heian-kyo, built at a 5/8th scale. Two emporers, Kanmu Tenno and Komei Tenno, are both enshrined at Heian-jingu. 

There are four gardens at Heian-jingu: the east, middle, west, and south garden. There are flowers blooming in the gardens all throughout the year, and there are over 300 of over 20 different types of cherry trees planted in the garden. 

Each October 22, the Jidai Matsuri (The Festival of the Ages) is hosted by Heian-jingu. The festival began the same year as the building of the shrine to commemorate the 1110th anniversary of Heian-kyo. The festival is a parade where different costumes from different eras of Kyoto are worn and a three hour procession of 2000 people travels to Heian Jingu from the Imperial Palace. 

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