Kajo Park

Yamagata Things to See

Yamagata, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 9:25PM

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Kajo Park

A short walk from Yamagata station, Kajo Park surrounds the site of the former Yamagata castle, dwelling place of the feudal daimyo Mogami Yoshiaki, and the moat, walls, and the remains of the castle will be of great interest to history buffs.

However, the park’s greatest attraction may be its value as a cherry blossom viewing spot, yet another spot proving that one needn’t suffer impossible crowds in one of Japan’s major cities to enjoy sakura at their finest.

The park also features the Saiseikan, a fascinating museum of medical history in a former hospital, which happened to be the first Western-style building constructed in the area.  A museum devoted to Mogami Yoshiaki himself can also be enjoyed nearby in Yamagata City.

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