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Maiko Restaurant and Teahouse

Somaro is the newly renovated version of the very ancient Somaya eatery. This eatery/teahouse is over 200 years old. Somaya was the most famous eatery in Sakata from around 1603-1868 (the Edo period), and its successor Somaro is just as famous now! Sakata City was once a bustling port town where many sea merchants would stop at for a night of fun. Since Sakata City has been a longtime trader with Tokyo and Kyoto, the area has a unique amalgamation of cuisines.

Somaro is also famous for putting on a traditional maiko dance show! Maiko are apprentice geishas. This all-women’s dance act is performed while guests eat, so that guests can enjoy a dining and theatre experience all at one time.

Somaro is also the grounds for a maiko training hall. Apprentice geishas come here to learn the dance of the maiko. This is very extensive training, and the young women train almost all day long with a professional geisha. Sometimes visitors can see the maiko women training in one of the rooms near the restaurant room.

The specialty here is the Maiko Boxed Lunch. This bento box contains a variety of traditional Japanese foods. Since there are so many items to consume in this lunch set, you can relaxingly watch the maiko performance without running out of things to eat. This big box of food costs 3500 yen.

The restaurant is open from 10am to 6pm every day except Wednesday, and the maiko dancing starts daily at 2pm!

Not only is this a fantastic place to eat, but the actual premises are a historic wonder. The architecture of Somaro is very traditional, but since the building has been recently restored, it all looks very fresh. The interior of the building is decorated with lavish items and is reminiscent of the look of a geisha house. Photography is forbidden inside the premises, so there are limited photos to show. Travel to Sakata City to find out for yourself what the unique Somaro restaurant looks like!

Although Somaro can be accessed via the Sakata City operated shuttle bus, the best way to get here (and to get around Sakata City) is by car! Book your discounted car rental today with HIS!

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