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Yamagata, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:32AM

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The museum with the beautiful garden

The site of the Honma Museum of Art was originally home to the Honma clan. During the Edo period, these grounds were occupied by the lords of the Sakai family. Shortly after the Edo period, the Honma family donated this house as a place for guests to stay. The traditional Japanese guest house on the grounds is known as the best part of this site!

The artifacts housed in this museum were either donated by various Japanese clans or are household items that the Honma family left behind for guests to use.

The beautiful Mount Chokai can be seen from the Honma Museum’s garden. The garden here incorporates an array of luminescent white azaleas and ancient stone lanterns.

Entry costs 900 yen for adults. They also offer English pamphlets to help English-speakers identify each of the artifacts within the museum. The museum is a 3 minute walk from Sakata JR station, but the JR stations are not the most easily accessible, so it is best to rent a car to get around Sakata. 


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