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Yamagata, Japan Jul. 23 Tues 1:49AM

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Jellyfish central!

This cute little aquarium is the only aquarium within the entire Yamagata Prefecture. This place is notable because it holds the Guinness World Record for having the world’s largest collection of jellyfish on display! Kamo Aquarium’s jellyfish tank weighs 40 tons. The collection includes over 30 different species of jellyfish.

Yamagata prefecture is quite renowned for its nature, so it is no surprise that it is home to a Guinness World Record holding aquarium. Jellyfish lovers should definitely put this destination on their bucket lists!

Jellyfish are known to be very calming to watch, as their hypnotic repetitive movements create almost a trance-like feeling in viewers. Unfortunately, jellyfish are also known to have very short lives, so it’s difficult to find an opportunity to watch them in such large numbers. The jellyfish at Kamo come in many different colors too! It’s intriguing to see how they move in unison with one another.

The Kamo souvenir shop is very cute! It offers a collection of jellyfish-themed toys, keychains, postcards, notebooks, and treats!

Something very unique to this place is the jellyfish ice cream. Throughout Japan, there are a variety of fun yet weird ice cream flavors to taste – and “jellyfish” is one of them. It’s grey in color and almost looks like the shape of the top of a jellyfish when it’s in a cone! The café at the aquarium also serves jellyfish ramen and jellyfish sashimi!

Since the aquarium takes well over 30 minutes by bus to get there, we recommend you rent a car. HIS offers discounted car rental rates for Yamagata!

The aquarium is open from 8:30am to 5pm all year round, and costs 800 yen to enter.

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