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The Temple of Ohara

Sanzen-in Temple is located in Ohara, located north of Kyoto. The temple was originally founded on Mt. Hiei in Kyoto by Saicho, the founder of the Tendai Sect of Japanese Buddhism, but was moved to Ohara in 1871. The walk from the Ohara Bus Stop to the temple is lined with small restaurants and shops, and there are also smaller surroudning temples. Sanzen-in is the largest temple in the area, and the grounds have gardens and walking paths in additon to the temple complex buildings. The temple is one of the few monzeki temples in Kyoto, or a temple whose head priest was a member of the imperial family.


Sanzen-in is a series of connected temple buildings. The temple complex is made up of the main gate, the Kyakuden guest hall, where Japanese calligraphy and paintings on fusuma sliding doors, the Shinden main hall where statues of Buddhist dieties are displayed, and the Ojo Gokuraku Hall, the oldest building of the temple, which holds the temple's most important treasure, the statue of Amida Buddha.

There is also a moss garden with stone statues and paths. The garden is especially popular during the autumn foliage season. 

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