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Modern Japanese Buddhism

Honganji, or "The Temple of the Original Vow" is divided into two temples, each representing different factions within a widely practiced sect of Japanese Buddhism. Each temple the headquarters of one of the two factions of the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism, which is one of Japan's largest Buddhist sects. Nishi Honganji was built in Kyoto in the 16th century after the former True Pure Land Sect head temple in Osaka was destroyed. Higashi Honganji was built a decade later, a few blocks away. 

Nishi Honganji

Nishi Honganji, or the West Temple of the Original Vow, is dedicated to the Jodo-Shin Sect, and has over 10,000 sub-temples across Japan and more than 200 sub-temples in other countries. The temple has some amazing architecture of the early Edo Period, and it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Higashi Honganji, or the East Temple of the Original Vow, is the head temple of the Otani faction of Jodo-Shin Buddhism.The main hall, the Goedio, is Kyoto's largest wooden structure.

Higashi Honganji

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