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A Charming Train Ride Through Nature

The Kurobe Gorge, or Kurobe Kyokoku in Japanese, is a beautiful gorge in the Japan Alps. The Kurobe River flows through the gorge. The cliffs of the gorge are steep and lined with unblemished forests, which makes this a popular place with nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. 

Hikers at Kurobe Gorge

The Kurobe Gorge Railyway is a network of siteseeing trains along the valley for about 20 kilometers. The route takes about an hour and a half and goes through more than 20 bridges and 40 tunnels. The views of the Japan Alps and the Kurobe Gorge are unparalleled. The train stops along the way at scenic points for visitors to leave the train and experience views from different perspectives along the jounrey. Although the trains don't operate in winter, they run every other season, and it is especially gorgeous during the fall for the bright colors of the trees lining the mountains. Many of the cars on the train are open sided, and there are also cars that are enclosed for an additional fee for passengers that prefer. The train runs from Unazuki Station to Keyakidaira Station.

The Kurobe Gorge Railway

Unazaki Station, the terminal station for the Kurobe Gorge Railway is located in Unazaki Onsen, a small hot spring town with beautiful views of the gorge and the Kurobe River. 

Unazaki Station

Kuronagi Station is the next station on the railway. It is a small station atop a cliff that overlooks the meeting point of the Kuronagi River and the Kurobe River meet.

Kanetsuri Station is has a paved trail that leads from the station to a small town with a few ryokan by the river. 

A Bridge Exclusively for Monkeys to Cross the River (Halfway Through the Route)

Keyakidaira Station is the final station of the route. There is an information center, a souvenir shop, an observation deck, and foot baths. 

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