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Nishiki Market, or Nishiki-Ichiba is Kyoto's most famous market for anything and everything food related.

Originally, the market opened in the 14th century as a fish market, but it eventually expanded. The market caters to restaurateurs and retail shoppers alike, and is loved by natives to Kyoto as well as visitors. 

It's located right in the heart of downtown Kyoto, inside a shopping arcade. The market itself is about five blocks long and has over one hundred shops and restaurants. Along with fresh produce, meat, and seafood, you can also find cookware and kitchen utensils, which are interesting because many of them are specific to Japan. The stores in the market are anything from mom-and-pop type establishments to stalls to larger, indoor shops. There are also a number of restaurants in the market. Many of the shops have been family-owned and run for decades. 

Most of the shops specialize in just one type of food- all meat, all fish, all fruit, and so on. Many of the restaurants are no more than two or three stools around a stall, and usually are also specializing in one type of food. Sometimes the shops give samples of food, especially if they are smaller dishes, like pickles.

It's a fun and proactive way to familiarize oneself with Japanese culture and food spending some time perusing the stalls of traditional dishes, sampling local flavors, seeing different cooking methods and styles, and looking at the unique crafts, cookware, and snacks that can also be found in the shops. 

Explore Nishiki Market through a food tour!

Pickles at Nishiki Market - If you see veggies out like this, they are most likely Japanese pickles.

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