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Kyoto, Japan May. 29 Wed 10:52AM

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Contrast and Modernity

The Kyoto Station building is an ulta-modern building constructed for the 1200th anniversary of the Kyoto capital foundation. Designed by Hara Hiroshi to express Kyoto's history through the modern building, it opened in 1997 to the public. 

Kyoto Station is the main transportation hub of the city. It is served by multiple Japan Railways local and intercity lines, as well as the JR Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train), as well as two private lines, the Karasuma Subway Line and Kintetsu Railways. It is also the main hub for Kyoto city buses, many of which make the city's thousands of sites accessable. It also has a terminal for highway buses going beyond Kyoto and overnight highway buses. 

Along with the station facilities, Kyoto station also has luggage storage and delivery services, coin lockers, tourist information, a hotel, an art museum, a theater, shopping, and restaurants. There are three main shopping areas: Isetan Department Store, which has 10 floors of high-end, brand name shopping, as well as an incredible basement floor for food shopping and prepared foods and desserts; Porta Underground Shopping Mall, with over 100 shops and restaurants, and The Cube, which mostly has apparel and accessory shops.


The area around the station is divided into two districts: the Karasuma side, which is a bustling downtown area with hotels, shopping, restaurants, and bars, as well as Kyoto Tower, and the Hachijo side, which is quieter with smaller business, residential areas, and Toji Temple. 

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