Fall Foliage in Arashiyama

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Kyoto, Japan May. 29 Wed 12:27PM

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Quaint and Cute in Kyoto

Even though Kyoto is beautiful in every season, autumn is incomperable. Shocking colors surround the city, which has thousands of temples, many of which have gardens and leafy trees surrounding them. 

Where is Arashiyama?


Arashiyama is the name of district and mountain in the west of Kyoto. It is only a short ride away from Kyoto Station. 

Arashiyama is very beautiful at any season but specially in autumn. The leaves start to change color from the beginning of November and it lasts until the first week of December. The famous bamboo groves in Arashiyama are green all year round, though. 


Saga Arashiyama trolley

The Sagano Romantic trolley is a sightseeing trolley on a 25-minute route from Saga trolley station to Kameoka trolley Station. It follows the scenic beauty of the Hozukyo Ravine on its route, which is full of delight in all four seasons.


Tenryuji Temple

Tenryuji Temple is one of the most important must-see attractions in Arashiyama, a sprawling Zen temple with one of the finest gardens in Kyoto and wonderful mountain views.You will notice that this is one of the best examples of Shakkei (borrowed scenery) in Japan: the steep mountains of Arashiyama are perfectly incorporated into the design of the garden. IMG_6190

Mt. Arashiyama

The view of the mountainside — with its trees in vivid colors — from Arashiyama’s famous bridge, Togetsukyō, is extremely popular. If you happen to be there in mid-November, be sure to check out the Arashiyama Momiji Festival!


Hozu river 

IMG_6118Togetsu-kyo Bridge

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