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Hyogo, Japan Apr. 13 Sat 10:18PM

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Kansai Sightseeing & Hiking Spot

The beautiful backdrop of Kobe city, the home of many tourist attractions, and the highest peak in the Rokko mountain range is Mount Rokko. In Japanese, the name of the highest peak is Rokkosan-Saikoho. From its peak, visitors have access to a magnificent view of both Kobe and Osaka – these views are particularly spectacular at night when the urbanized cities light up.

Amongst the quirky attractions that reside on Mount Rokko are: the Alpine Botanical Garden (Japan’s oldest botanical garden), a music box museum, a pasture full of sheep, Kobe Golf Club (Japan’s first golf course), and Rokko Garden Terrace. In addition to this there is also of course, the Mount Rokko observation deck.

There is a bus that drives clockwise around the Mount Rokko attractions and connects each of the aforementioned with each other, with the Rokko Cablecar, and with the Rokko Arima Ropeway. The latter two can be taken to descend into Kobe city.

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